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Price List
A single web page designed to showcase a product or service in a concise and effective manner.
Project completion time is up to 1 week
A multi-page website consists of several interconnected web pages that provide extensive information on a business's products or services.
Project completion time is up to 2 weeks
Online store
E-commerce is the online marketplace for businesses to sell products or services to customers over the Internet.
Up to 1000 items
3 months of post-production assistance
Mobile adaptive
for each project
Support and editing
Each case will require unique support and editing
Work process
Brief Call 01
Our first step towards designing the layout is to discuss the task in detail and gather all the required information.
02 Target market analysis
To create a high-quality website structure, I perform a thorough analysis of your target audience and competitors. This helps me understand market trends in your niche, identify effective design elements, and differentiate your website from competitors.
Prototype presentation 03
To plan the structure of your website, I create a simplified version and determine the necessary text content. I usually receive text and visual content from the customer, but I can also assist with it if needed. Once complete, I will present you with a prototype of the site, which will give you a clear understanding of the layout, content placement, and user interface.
04 Website building, technical settings
When your website design is complete, I'll transfer it to the Tilda platform and add visually appealing animations to make it come alive. I'll also connect your domain and integrate all necessary services to ensure your website runs smoothly. To create the website layout, I'll use your specific project requirements and design preferences and customize it to work seamlessly on all mobile devices. Finally, I will handle all the technical intricacies before launching your website, so you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of.
Dance Studio
Online Store
Custom Apparel
Online Store
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